Welcome to WCSS Discovery Day!!

On Wednesday, November 14th students in Grades 10, 11 & 12 will participate in a variety of workshops, presentations, and activities involving Career Exploration, Health & Wellness and Post-Secondary Opportunities. These workshops will be presented by staff members, community members as well as former WCSS Graduates.

This year Discovery Day will be a half-day event. You will attend regular classes for the first and last periods that day (day two schedule). During the other two timeslots, each student will have the opportunity to select 2 sessions/workshops to attend. Read the session write-ups to help you with your choices. Not all sessions are offered in every timeslot, so read and choose your selections wisely. There are field trip options to consider as well. Read the details carefully to determine cost and timing of each field trip (each one is different).

Some sessions will have a cost associated with them. This cost will cover supplies provided at the workshop and/or transportation to your field trip location plus entry fee where required. These payments can be made using School Cash Online. The link can also be found on our school website at westcarletonss.ca (left hand side of the page). You will need to set up an account... consider doing this before November 7th so you are ready when registration opens!

Important Notes

After you complete your registration, you will receive an email with your schedule for November 14th. Check your school Gmail account to find this schedule.

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